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I can’t stop laughing at Harry running the fuck awaythe boy who lived ladies and gentlemen.

….You realize, of course, that Hermione Granger lit a teacher on fire when she was eleven, and kept a person alive in a jar for a year when she was fourteen, and studies dark and forbidden magics for kicks, and is one of the brightest and strongest witches of her era. If she came at me, even wandless, I would aparate to Neptune to get away from her.

Hermione Granger also: 

  • punched Draco Malfoy in the nose for being an idiot 
  • purposefully performed a confundus charm on whatshsface WHILE HE WAS FLYING just so Ron would win (omfg that is so fucking dangerous) 
  • literally pulled a fucking Bourne Identity on her parents and managed to set them up in fucking Australia (jesus christ she literally made it so that she NEVER EXISTED wtf that’s so fucking 007)
  • Convinced the Ministry of Magic to give her an incredibly dangerous and volatile device that allowed her to ALTER TIMELINES COMPLETELY (just because she was so smart, literally, that is the reason, her “potential”) 
  • Has enough basic survival skills and badass magic to literally disappear to the middle of nowhere and flourish AND figure out Voldemort’s plot with Harry 
  • Hermione also figures out not only what Voldemort’s plan is, but generally how to beat it, WAY BEFORE VOLDEMORT EVER DOES. Why? because she is just that much smarter and better at magic than everybody else

in conclusion: Voldemort wishes he could be as awesome as Hermione, that’s why he wants to kill her so bad. 

Can we rehave this series with hermione as the protagonist. 

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This is why i think Avatar should be R rated 

If you wanted to take it a step further, you could argue that water benders could take out all the fluid from someones body, turning them into a mummified husk 

and a highly skilled metal bender could control the iron in another person’s blood, kinda like what Magneto does in X-Men a lot

What a great time to be anaemic.

earthbender ambushes

waterbenders surfing through the battlefield on a wave of blood.

"on a wave of blood" 

but yes, let us continue with this gore fest!

Is there possibly a way that firebenders or airbenders could raise the body temperature of an individual to the point where your burning/melting from the inside out?

or what about earthbenders being able to break bones since bones are made up of various metals of course along with non-metals but that’s beside the point?

Is there a way for airbenders to deprive one of air all together to suffocate them? Or blood benders could easily clog and possibly rupture someone’s arteries and what not, yes?

and I had a really good discussion about this a while ago.
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I think all the bad guys in Korra are related:

Noatak got involved with the Red Lotus when he ran away.  (He was in the North at that time.  Maybe Unalaq found him.) So, Noatak and Unalaq knew each other, Unalaq was part of the Red Lotus, so perhaps Noatak also knew Zaheer.

Of course, then we have issues.  Noatak hates all benders and wants bending to be taken away, which is in line with Zaheer’s “chaos” freedom thing, but Zaheer obviously wanted bending to remain intact and Unalaq thirsted for bending power; Unalaq wants power, which goes against Zaheer’s desire for no royalty and people to be free and goes against Noatak’s desire to rid the world of bending.  Naturally, the three disbanded, however Noatak might’ve picked up some spiritual pointers from Zaheer, hence being able to remove remove bending.

That is my headcanon, I am sticking to it.  



Let’s face it, if ATLA was this dark, the sand benders who took Appa would’ve ended up like the Earth Queen.

No, because Aang was strictly pacifistic.  He refused to kill, even in the Avatar State.

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Would wearing a fursuit keep the animatronics from killing the guard?

What happens if the pizzeria closes and the animatronics are sold to unwitting collectors or other pizzerias?

Why doesn’t the guard report Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizzeria for a gross negligence of their animatronics since, you…

lol what are ya going to say? try telling the police ” the mascots are alive and walk around when they are not singing”

Foxy at least moves on camera, doesn’t he?  Dare some cops to stay the night.  Or get surveillance footage from the cameras.

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Would wearing a fursuit keep the animatronics from killing the guard?

What happens if the pizzeria closes and the animatronics are sold to unwitting collectors or other pizzerias?

Why doesn’t the guard report Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizzeria for a gross negligence of their animatronics since, you know, they kill people?

Were the animatronics ever taken a part and cleaned of all the rotting goo inside of them?

How did their AIs get to be so good?  Are there, like, Small Soldiers level AI chips in them? D:


So, apparently there are five animatronics at FNAF.  Five kids were also murdered and shoved inside five animatronics.  The wikipedia lists a “golden Freddy” who is only an endoskeleton (or the inside mechanical “skeleton”) as one of the five antagonists.  However, the animatronics shove any human (who they see humans as an endoskeleton with no cover, which is against the rules) into a (presumably) spare animatronic.  Of course, a human would die going through a robot but - in theory - couldn’t it make another antagonists in Freddy Fazzbear’s if this is actually a haunting?

Man, this is a case for the Winchesters.